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JGC Deep Clean
From £180

Whats included?

JGC Deep Clean - Unleash the Brilliance:


Unlock the true potential of your vehicle's beauty with our JGC Deep Clean service. At JGC Tuning Detailing, we're dedicated to going beyond the surface, delivering a meticulous and transformative experience for your car, both inside and out.




  • Thorough cleaning of your wheels.

  • Meticulous removal of debris from wheel arches.

  • Application of a Citrus pre-wash treatment to eliminate loose dirt, followed by a layer of snow foam to effortlessly banish grime from your vehicle's surface.

  • A safe and meticulous contact wash using two buckets, equipped with grit guards to ensure the utmost care during the cleaning process.

  • Chemical decontamination to eradicate tar spots and bonded brake dust on your car's paint.

  • Clay bar treatment to remove any further embedded contaminants from the paint.

  • Engine bay detailed and dressed.

  • A thorough rinse of your car before the drying phase.

  • Drying your vehicle with a high quality drying towel and blow dryers to prevent unsightly watermarks.

  • Hand polishing to restore clarity and shine.

  • Application of high-quality Graphene wax, delivering a protective shield that endures for up to 3 months.

  • Windows meticulously cleaned to achieve a streak-free shine.

  • Application of wheel sealant to fend off contamination build up.

  • Tyre dressing, with the choice of a wet or matte finish.




  • Thorough vacuuming of the entire interior.

  • Wet vac extraction of interior carpets and seats to remove stains and dirt embedded within the fibres.

  • Cleaning of the leather seats and nourishing with leather balm.

  • Steam cleaning of all surfaces to eliminate germs and bacteria.

  • Detailed cleaning of the centre console and steering wheel with toothpicks and fine brushes to remove embedded dirt.

  • Delicate brushing of vents and instruments, leaving no surface untouched.

  • Comprehensive interior clean, expertly eliminating dust and dirt.

  • Restoration and dressing of plastic trims for a refreshed appearance.

  • Application of a premium spray scent, creating a fresh and inviting interior ambiance.

  • Complimentary premium custom-made air freshener, offering My signature scent.

  • Meticulous cleaning of interior windows, ensuring a streak-free, crystal-clear view.

Estimated Duration: 6 Hours

(Prices may vary on vehicle size and condition)

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