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About JGC

"Your dream car, is my dream detail"


Hey, I'm Jordan, and I am honored to introduce myself as the proprietor of JGC Tuning and Detailing. Before embarking on this venture in 2022, I overcame numerous obstacles in both my personal and professional life while working in various fields across England, including the Public Sector, the Army, the Prison Service, and as a certified roofer.

Throughout my career, I had a dream of being an entrepreneur, making my own choices, and reaping the rewards of my hard work and innovation. I have always been fascinated with cars of all makes and models, particularly in the performance/luxury end of the market.

As a car enthusiast, I take tremendous pride in my vehicles and thoroughly enjoy the process of cleaning and detailing them both inside and out. This passion for cars and my desire for self-employment compelled me to launch JGC Tuning and Detailing as a mobile service that provides high-quality car detailing and performance enhancements.

I committed to delivering an exceptional experience to my clients, with no compromises. I invested in quality products, acquired the necessary training and accreditation to establish a professional business, and invested in cutting-edge technical equipment. This commitment demanded significant personal sacrifices in terms of time, effort, and resources.

Fortunately, my dedication and work ethic quickly generated positive results, resulting in a rapidly growing and loyal client base. These satisfied clients are not just repeat customers, but enthusiastic advocates of my work, which I am incredibly proud of.

Beyond the satisfaction of delivering exceptional results to my clients, the most rewarding aspect of my business is meeting new people and learning their stories. I find myself spreading positivity, even on rainy days, and inspiring others to pursue their dreams through my achievements.

Working on high-end vehicles provides me with a drive to push my business to new heights, which, I hope, will enable me to own one myself one day. By launching and expanding my business from a simple idea to a next-level experience and service, I have learned that with dedication and a comprehensive approach, I can accomplish something meaningful, rewarding, and successful.

As a perfectionist, I strive to offer nothing but the best to my clients. My vision is to establish a business that people are happy to return to, knowing that they will receive top-quality service every time.

Your car is an extension of your personality, and I would be honored to treat it to a rejuvenating experience that will make it feel brand new and cherished. Please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Whether it's performance or detailing we're partnered with some of the best people in the industry!

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