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Ceramic coatings offer an unparalleled level of protection to your vehicle through all the seasons of the year, protecting it from all the elements, harsh chemicals and general wear and tear of a vehicle! At JGC we offer same-day application on your doorstep, meaning less hassle and time away from your pride and joy!


At JGC we are Lincoln's only mobile infinity wax synergy pro accredited ceramic coating specialists!

What is it? Synergy PRO is an outdoor application-friendly professional coating with a 3 year durability and can only be applied by verified installers who have completed the application training. The approved installers are vetted and work to the highest standards in the industry, this allows us to offer a comprehensive 3 year warranty with this coating.


What's it made from? Synergy PRO is made from a high-content polysilazane ceramic resin which has been infused with thermoplastics and ceramic nano-spheres. Finally, a polymer is added that bleeds through the ceramic and forms a top layer over the coating. This protects the vulnerable ceramic as it cures, and allows Synergy Pro to be applied to vehicles outdoors without causing failure.

What are the features? Synergy Pro offers the customer the highest levels of modern ceramic performance, with the convenience of having your vehicle coated at home or another suitable place. The coating hardens very quickly to 9h and is resilient to fair weather within 1 hour of application. The addition of a 3 year warranty that covers the painted surfaces of the car is applied by the installer, all of which have the full support and backing of Infinity Wax and have completed our training to a minimum pass mark of 90%.


JGC Tuning & Detailing is Lincoln's only accredited Synergy Pro specialist. We offer a supreme level of protection to your vehicle with same-day, doorstep application. No week-long turnarounds. You can be sure that your vehicle is in good hands with our team of experts.

We understand that you want the best for your car, and we're here to provide it. Synergy ceramic coatings are designed to protect your car's paint from the elements, and they'll also make it easier to keep clean. Plus, our same-day application means you won't have to wait weeks to see the results.

Contact us today to learn more about our ceramic coatings and how they can protect your car.

All ceramic coating packages include the following...

  • Wheels cleaned including inner barrels

  • Arches flushed out to remove loose debris

  • Pre-wash to breakdown dirt on the vehicle followed by a snow foam coating
  • The door shuts cleaned, safe contact wash using 2 buckets and grit guards

  • Chemical decontamination of the paint

  • Clay bar decontamination 

  • Stage 1 machine polish to ensure the paint is in the best condition ​to be coated

  • Synergy PRO ceramic coating applied 

  • Rain repellant applied to all windows 

  • Wheel sealant applied 

  • Tyres dressed 

We offer 3 different packages of ceramic coating protection that you will find below...


1 year ceramic coating 

This coating offers your car protection for up to 1 whole year.

Prices start from £200


2 year ceramic coating

This service offers your car protection for up to 2 years.

Prices start from £300


3 year ceramic coating

This service offers your car up to 3 years of protection and has warranty for the 3-year period!

Prices start from £400

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